Oromo Community in Tingvoll and Møre og Romsdal, Norway Celebrated the Inaguration of the community on October 12, 2013

Source: http://maddawalaabuupress.blogspot.no/2013/10/oromo-community-in-tingvoll-and-mre-og.html

On October 12, 2013, Oromo Community of Tingvoll and Møre og Romsdal celebrated the inauguration of their Community at the Presence of more than 100 participants including Norwegians and different nations plus the Oromos living in Norway who came from different parts of Norway for  this celebration.

The community celebrated the occastion at a Tingvoll Aldershjem in the town of  Tingvoll on Saturday 12 October 2013  starting from 4 PM to 11PM With different programs.

The members of the Community worked hard to make this day historical and memorable day where Oromummaa is celebrated and enjoyed by all.

Celebration began with “eebbaa” (blessings of Elders according to Oromo’s tradition and was followed by one minute silence for Our heroes and heroines.

After the one minute silence the leader of the program Obbo Badhassa  Dalassaa invited the community’s chairperson Obbo Aadam Jaalatoo for  brief presentation about the Oromo People and the community. The chairperson of the community presented about Oromo people’s culture, Identity, country, tradition and history. He indicated Oromia (Oromo country) is the richest region in the Horn of Africa. He introduced well about the Oromo People  specially to the audiances who haven’t heard much about the Oromo People before. Obbo Aadam Jaalatoo also presented about the Tingvoll and Møre og Romsdal Oromo community including their plan for the future and their need from the Norwegian community and authorities as well.

The presentation of Obbo Aadam was followed by a speeches from the Contact person of the community Miss Åshild Husby Bergem and the Mayor of the Tingvoll muncipality Mr. Peder Hanem Aasprang made a speech to the audience. Both appreciates and praises the Oromo community there and wished more success in their Commitments and promised to help the Oromo community in their area. More over they also confirmed that they have got better understanding about the problems the Oromo people are facing in Ethiopian empire.

The presentation by Mr. Mesfin Tadese  about the human right violation in Ethiopian empire against the Oromo People was also part of the occastion. The Next speaker was Miss Tigist Jima, who is women and youth affair in the Community. She explained that the women and youth that lack freedom of Speech in Oromia, will be remembered while the Oromo women and youth in their community enjoy freedom in Norway as Oromo.

The audience was entertained by walaloo(Poem) entitled Oromia biyya koo (Mother Oromia) by a 9 years old beautiful Oromo girl, Falmatuu Aadam that encouraged the Oromo community who lives outside Oromia to teach the Oromo Language and traditions to their children.

The dinner invitation and Oromia coffee ceremony  was part of the celebration which is followed by Oromo music and traditional Dances throughout the evening.

To read more about the Oromo Community in Tingvoll and Møre og Romsdal visit the following address: https://oromocommunityromsdal.wordpress.com/ See parts of the celebration below With Pictures and videos.


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