Facts about Oromia

Oromia map

Facts about Oromia.
We Oromo people we are rich of natural resource, culture and we have our traditional ruling system that is called Abba Gadaa system. The Abba Gadaa system is the system that similar to the recent democratic system. Even if it is similar to the modern democracy system Oromo people were under this ruling system long decade ago before the name of democracy have been created this ruling system was a gift from nature for Oromo people.
The main thing that made us to Organize Oromo Community in Tingvoll and Møre og Romsdal is that to share and announce our culture and tradition with Norwegian culture and tradition we have many traditional and culture each of them are different from one area to another area that means Oromo is big population in Ethiopia even from east Africa we are the largest population with approximately 45 million.

Oromia is the region of Coffee, Gold, and domestic animals like cattle, sheep, goat, horse, camel donkey, mule and un domestic animals or wild animals for both animals it is the most comfortable region in Ethiopia because most of Oromia land are green and there is a lot of rivers.
Oromiya is the region with a full hope of the future with enough natural resources

When we say Oromia it means including everything the land and population of that area are called Oromia, and when we say Oromo means the clain of Oromo. Oromia are located at the center of Ethiopia and Oromia have connection to all regions in Ethiopia except Tigray that means border with all regions.

Oromia Regional state are one of the Regional state in Ethiopia , Geographically the Region extends from 3° 24’20″– 10° 23’26″N latitudes and 34° 07’37″-42° 58’51″E longitudes.

It Shares borderline with all the Region state in Ethiopia except Tigray. It also shares International borderline with the Republic of the Sudan (with 66 km borderline) in the west and Kenya Republic (with 521 km) in the south.


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